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Reservations   Payment
Services Fee   Security Deposit
Check-In/Check-Out   Linens
Cancellation Policy   Cleaning
Advanced Reservations by Returning Tenants


Once a rental is confirmed, a lease is immediately emailed to the renter.

If a booking is more than 60 days prior to your arrival date a deposit equal to 50% of the rental rate is required with your signed lease and is due within 7 business days.
The second and final payment, which includes Security Deposit and Services Fee, is due 60 days prior to your arrival date.
Due dates will be indicated on page 1 of your lease.

When your booking is under 60 days prior to your arrival, or your rental period is for less than 1 week, the total amount is due with your signed lease within 7 business days.
"Last minute" payment methods may include wire transfer, cashiers check or credit card, and "last minute" leases can be faxed, scanned and emailed or express/overnight mailed.

Accepted Forms of Payment

Personal checks are accepted when paid far enough in advance.

When your booking is under 21 days prior to your arrival, payment by money order, cashier's check, wire transfer or credit card is necessary.

Services Fee

Payment of a $200 "Services Fee" is required with each rental, and is due with the final payment (60 days prior to arrival).

The "Services Fee" covers basic cleaning, trash pick-up, processing fees and supplies.

Security Deposit

A $500 security deposit is required.

Security deposits are due with the final payment (60 days prior to arrival date).

Security deposits are returned within 60 days from your date of departure and after our verification there are no additional charges due to damages,
excessive cleaning or violations of the lease per the terms of the lease.
Please carefully read your lease and please observe all terms in order to avoid any unpleasant security deposit deductions.
The instances of such deductions are very rare and only when legitimate violations of the lease are identified.

The security deposit can cover cleaning, damage, excessive trash and long distance phone calls,
and can be retained for violation of the occupancy limit, non-smoking and no pet clauses as indicated in the lease.

Any deductions from security deposits will be itemized by the owner and all bills/receipts copied and supplied to the renter.


Check-in is 3pm on day of arrival.

Check-out is 10am on day of departure.


Linens are not provided (no bed sheets or towels) - tenants can either bring their own or rent them from
Takemmy Linen Rental Inc. (508-693-2788).

The following linens are provided:
blankets, bedspreads, kitchen tea towels, and bathmats.


Though we hire a cleaner to clean the house between tenants, we expect tenants to leave the house "as they found it" - this means:

  • Sweep/vacuum
  • Clean the kitchen: wipe surfaces and counters, clean the stove, empty and clean the refrigerator
  • Wash all dishes and put away (dishwasher should be emptied)
  • Wash kitchen tea towels & bathmats
  • Wash any other household linens that have been soiled
  • Clean the grill and re-fill the propane tank if necessary
  • Return any furniture/items moved during your stay back to where they were found
  • Take out all trash (including from wastebaskets in bedrooms & bathrooms) and place in covered receptacles in designated location outside

The cleaners' job is not to clean-up after tenants, but to make the house sanitary and sparkling for the next tenants' arrival.

Cancellation Policy

There is a $150 Cancellation Fee.

A refund for a cancelled booking, minus the $150 Cancellation Fee, is provided only if the week(s) are re-booked for the same dollar amount
(more readily accomplished with sufficient notice).
If the house has not been re-rented 45 days prior to the arrival date all deposits are forfeited.

Advance Reservations by Returning Tenants

PRIOR TO FEBRUARY 1 returning tenants may pay a $150 (non-refundable) deposit to make a reservation for the next rental season,
with the balance of the 50% deposit due by February 1 (after February 1 a 50% deposit is required to make a reservation).

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